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Reunite With Your Favorite Classic Arcade Games

Arcades were a crucial part of the American culture for many decades. While they can still be found in malls and shopping centers in Asia and Africa, arcades have grown rare in the United States. Playing some of these classic arcade games you enjoyed during your youth can bring back fond memories. If you can’t find your favorite games in a nearby arcade, try playing online. You can share your memories and the exciting fun with children, grandchildren or your best friends. Many online arcade games also allow players hundreds of miles apart to compete over the Internet. These classic arcade games are perfect for making new friends.

Exploring The Classics

Large cabinets and brightly colored screens drew in millions of children and adults during the 1970s and 1980s. Most of the extremely popular classic arcade games still enjoyed today were released during this era. Some game developers that are producing hit console games in current times got their start in arcade game design. The popularity of these classics makes it easy to find them for online play. Online versions may be altered to allow for saves or easier replays, but otherwise offer an authentic arcade experience. Pac-Man remains popular with both men and women. It was first released by Namco in 1980. It is still considered to be one of the highest grossing games.

The manufacturer reported that it had grossed over $2 billion at arcades around the world by the end of the 1990s. The game play was very simple. Pac-Man is the character controlled by the player. He travels around a large board consuming dots and being chased by colorful ghosts. Touching a cherry allows him to consume the ghosts for a short period of time. Eating all of the dots on the screen completes the level and loads a new board for the player to clear. The Excitement And Thrills Of Space

Space shooters were some of the first arcade games to achieve superstar status. Space Invaders was one of the first releases in this genre. It first appeared in arcades in 1978. The Japanese design team was inspired by movies like Star Wars and The War Of The Worlds. A cannon at the bottom of the screen is moved horizontally by the player and fired with a single button. Four shields keep the cannon partially protected, but these shields break down as the enemies fire at them. Each level is only completed when all of the enemies at the top of the screen are destroyed. They constantly move towards the bottom of the screen.

When enemies reach the bottom or destroy the cannon, the game is over. Asteroids is another fun space shooter that you can play online. It arrived in arcades in 1979. The most unique feature of this game is the ability to travel across the screen by going off any edge. The space ship reappears at the opposite side of the screen. Players must destroy asteroids and flying saucers by shooting at them before a collision occurs.