Pacific Attack Pokie

Earlier we said that this pokie will be appealing to people that are interested in war events. However, we strongly believe that all of you that like some action will enjoy it just as much. With lots of interesting symbols and features, this pokie has lots to offer to all the pokie lovers out there.

Pacific Attack has fifteen possible paylines, which ideally should be all activated. The bet level can be increased to a maximum of twenty, whereas coin value for each round can be set up to €0. 20. So, if you decide to bet big and set all the different options to their maximum, one round will cost you €60. Now this might sound a little bit too much for most players, however a 300, 000 coin profit is a quite tempting and you might even want to give it a shot. Anyway, the stake amount is all in your hands.

First thing we’ll discuss are the so much sought after free spins. Pacific Attack offers a very easy way of gaining spins at the casino’s expense. A beautiful lady displayed on the scatter symbol will make sure this happens. Three or more scatter symbols will award you with ten to thirty free spins. Keep in mind that all the profit made during such rounds will be multiplied by three.

Bonus round

Besides this round, Pacific Attack also offers a very original and exciting integrated bonus round. The latter reminds us of the popular game Battle Ship. During this round you will earn points in three steps. First, some war planes fly over the grid and bomb it, hitting the fleet. You will get some credits for this. Then you will have to choose a plane for you. Each plane carries a different amount of credits and bombs. Finally you have to choose target squares to bomb with the aim of sinking ships to get more credit. As you can tell, this round does not look like anything we tried so far, so it might be fun to check it out on our page.

If you’re really curious and would want to know what the integrated bonus round looks like, you can click the View Feature button situated on the lower right hand corner. On the opposite side, it might be a good thing to also check up the paytable. There you will have all the symbols displayed, and how much each is worth. Special symbols, like the bonus symbol, scatter and wild, together with their functions are also listed in the paytable.

When it comes to the sounds and graphics used by Net Entertainment for this pokie, we can say that they are good enough to provide you with a good gaming experience. Contrasts make it easier for you to distinguish the symbols from the background, and the overall theme is always adhered to.

We really can’t pin point a negative aspect of Pacific Attack, and whether you will like it or not simple depends on your personal taste. So far there are no other pokies with the same theme, so the very keen war fans must be delighted. NetEnt, however, still offers a variety of action-packed pokies, like for example Jack Hammer, for you to try. You can check out our page and browse through all the pokies we have available. Your perfect match might be there and you still haven’t found it.