Hellboy Pokie

Hellboy, whose true name is Amung Un Rama (literally translated to the Beast of the Apocalypse) was brought to Earth by the Nazis. Although his red-skinned appearance gives the impression that he is a demon, he has allied with an agency to fight the dark forces. This intriguing drama, coupled with the very good design of this pokie, is sure to give pokie lovers a unique experience.

Indeed, there is little doubt that Hellboy is one of the latest generation pokie from Microgaming. Here you will find a pokie of very good quality that has lots of interesting features to offer. You will be able to see for yourself what these features include by trying out the free demo version above. Nonetheless, we will take some time to explain some things about the Hellboy pokie.

Hellboy pokie features

When compared to earlier pokies from Microgaming we can confidently say that this game falls under a unique class. It is evident that Microgaming has realised what the Australian pokie player really likes, by launching the pokie Hellboy, together with others of the like.

The first striking feature of this pokie, and trust us, we’ve seen quite a few, is the graphics and background sounds which are of very high quality. It is clear from miles away that this is not the result of some amateur designer. However, besides all this there are also the features on the pokie itself that you will definitely find very attractive.

Hellboy is a five reel pokie with 20 paylines and 200 coins. The fact that it has multiple paylines increases the chances that you get a winning combination. Apart from this you will find different bonus rounds that will further increase winning probability.

The Right Hand of Doom, besides being a scatter symbol, and therefore can be found anywhere outside the line and still makes you win, also activates the Underworld Bonus Game. Three or more Right Hand of Doom on the reels activate this bonus round. In the Underworld Bonus Round you will travel through 4 different underworld tunnel in search of the Relic of Power. During each level you will have to avoid blocked doors in order to proceed to next levels. Finally the last level is called the Chambers of Fire. This round has a multitude of features to offer, all of which can lead to a very good win.

The most exciting feature in the Chambers of Fire is the Relic of Power. Succeeding with this will mean that you’ll get a nice profit transferred to your account. Apart from the Right Hand of Doom leading to these interesting rounds, you will also find that the Hellboy logo is a wild multiplier symbol.

Now you might be thinking what about free spins? In this pokie the Super Mode feature will allow you to gain ten free spins. What is surely mostly appealing is the fact that this is activated randomly during a regular pokie game.

Last but not least we would also like to mention the fact that every win activates the Gamble Bonus Game. Now we’re sure you’re asking yourself what is this all about. However, we shall not spoil the fun and will let you discover for yourself what this amusing round has to offer for you. You can do so by playing the pokie shown above for free. If you find it interesting you can then choose to play it for real.