Flower Power Pokie

Do you remember the American counterculture that emerged in the late 60s and was all in favour of passive resistance and non-violence? We’re sure most of you do. Some might even have been teenagers at the time. In any case, even the youngest of you must have heard of the term flower power that was rooted in the opposition movement to the Vietnam War.

Microgaming decided to pay a tribute to those years by using the so-famous slogan Flower Power as the title of their pokie.At the time vivid colours and flowers were the ruling trends. That is probably why as soon as you start Flower Power you will see a colourful background decorated with lots of tiny flowers. This pokie is a cheerful variation of the classical pokies, of which Microgaming are experts in production. In fact, the three reels and single active payline in the middle makes it obvious that Flower Power is a classical pokie. The symbols are quite different from the traditional ones, and in relation to the Flower Power theme.

Special symbols

Indeed the only classical symbol you will see over here is the bar symbols having different rows, and even these are brightly coloured and decorated with flowers. As usual how much each of this symbol is worth depends on the number of rows, and even if a combination of bars with different rows alines on the middle line, you will get some profit added to your account.

Apart from that there are three other symbols that we’re pretty confident have never been used in any other pokie. These are the flower, the peace symbol and the Flower Power logo. The latter is the most important symbol in this pokie. First of all it is the one that pays off most, and can give you as much as 5, 000 credits!

Moreover, the Flower Power logo is the wild symbol which will therefore substitute other symbols on the active payline to give profit. The amount of profit made is the same as that for the other symbol that appears together with this logo. The values of each symbol can be seen on the right hand side of your display. There you will also notice that the Flower Power logo does not always give the same payout.

The highest win in Flower Power, that are the 3, 000 credits, can be made when opting to bet three coins simultaneously per spin. This is most probably what most of you will aim at. However if you think you don’t want to put as much at stake, you can still play with one or two coins. You can also change the coin value at one of two levels available.

So, although we see more colours and decorations, Flower Power is essentially a classical pokie which is not difficult to understand. Those of you who lived those times, and probably were already in the pokie business back then, will surely appreciate it. Take a few free spins over here and see what we’re talking about.